What is UV decorative board?


What is the UV decorative board?

  • 1. UV decorative board is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material. The material is protected by UV light curing paint. The UV decorative board produced by this method not only has a variety of patterns, but is also more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  • 2. The base material of UV decorative board is generally made of cement pressure board. The material itself is non-toxic, has very good environmental performance, is formaldehyde-free and radiation-free, and is a common green product among building materials.

Prons and cons  of UV decorative panels:


  • 1. The surface of the UV decorative board is generally made of solvent-free environmentally friendly paint. Under the curing of UV light, a dense protective film is formed. The protection will prevent the release of residual harmful gases in the wood substrate, thereby improving the environmental protection index of the UV decorative board.
  • 2. After the UV decorative board is cured by ultraviolet light, a very smooth protective film will be formed on the surface, which is a reflection of the mirror highlight and looks better, so the decorative effect is excellent. The decorative board after curing has a higher hardness and better wear resistance.
  • 3. The UV decorative board also performed very well in the experimental test. After curing, the protective film on the surface can resist acid and alkali corrosion, remain unchanged during long-term use, and have a longer service life. It is precisely because of the special treatment process of curing that the UV decorative board has more stable physical properties, can not fade for a long time, and lasts for a long time, so the decorative effect is better.
  • 4. Compared with stone, UV decorative panels also have advantages. They have natural textures and look like they were created by nature, but they can surpass natural stone in performance. UV decorative panels have crystal clear and beautiful stone surfaces and stone patterns, and a very matte texture, which is noble but not luxurious.

1. Poor moisture resistance: UV decorative panels are not suitable for kitchens. Kitchens generally use more water, and the entire space is relatively humid compared to other spaces. UV cabinet door panels do not have good moisture resistance. If used in the kitchen, the service life will not be too long.

2. Poor heat resistance: The cabinets made of UV decorative panels are in a relatively high temperature environment when used in the kitchen, but their heat resistance is relatively poor, so they are not suitable for use as cabinets in the kitchen.

3. Easy to lose paint: UV decorative panels should not be bumped or collided during use, because their surface hardness is relatively high, and bumps will knock off the protective film on the surface.

Two installation methods of UV decorative panels:
1.The first is to install the UV decorative panels with wall glue.

2.The second is to fix the UV decorative panels with aluminum alloy.


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