What are the hidden functions of home decoration skirting?

Should I install skirting during decoration?


Many people suggest that “never install skirting during decoration”, but in fact, skirting has many benefits.


1.Protecting the wall skirting can better make the wall and the ground firmly connected, and can avoid collisions caused by kicking, tables and chairs, etc., which may cause the wall to fall off and deform.

2.Fixing the floor, especially when laying wooden floors, because of the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor, it is necessary to leave a 5 mm gap at the boundary of the wall, so the gap can be locked by laying skirting to fix the floor.

3.Hiding wires Now most wires are hidden projects. When installing the floor, space will be reserved for various lines, so skirting can be installed at this time to perfectly hide them and make the interior look clean and refreshing.

4. It is convenient to clean the corners. When cleaning and mopping the floor, dust, dirty water, etc. are more likely to be contaminated, so installing skirting can perfectly cover them, which is convenient for later cleaning.

What material is better for home decoration skirting?

Baseboard material:

There are many, such as tiles, wood, stone, PVC, aluminum alloy, etc.

So what material is better for home skirting boards?

  • Wooden skirting boards are generally made of solid wood and density board. The price of solid wood skirting boards is higher. However, it is recommended to avoid wooden skirting boards when choosing. The floor of your home is humid, especially in the southern region and on the first floor. Because it is in direct contact with the ground, it is easy to cause arching or even mold.
  • 2、PVC skirting board The biggest feature of PVC skirting board is its low price and variety of styles. It has a variety of styles, but most of them will be made into imitation wood grain. It has many advantages such as waterproof and moisture-proof. More importantly, it is very easy to clean.
  • 3. Ceramic skirting board Ceramic skirting board is more recommended because of its good texture, various styles and patterns, and more importantly, it is very durable and has a very long service life.
  • 4. PS polymer skirting board The appearance of PS polymer skirting board is somewhat similar to PVC skirting board, but the texture will be better and will not have such a heavy plastic feel.

Skirting lines may seem inconspicuous, but they have a great impact on home decoration, especially their size, which will affect the proportion of the space.

So what is the best-looking height for home skirting?

  • The standard height of home decoration skirting is 80mm, which is a common height. Generally, there will be no big problems if you choose this height. In addition, the commonly used skirting heights are 60mm, 100mm, 120mm, and even 150mm and 200mm. The specific height needs to be selected according to the home space.
  •  If the floor height is not too high, it is recommended to choose 60mm or 70mm skirtings, because the lines are narrower and can stretch the space ratio.
  •  If the floor height is relatively high, you can also choose a larger one, such as 150mm, 200mm, etc. Such a high skirting is relatively rare, and it is very design-oriented after installation. Moreover, the wider the skirting, the easier it is to suppress the upper floor, which can increase the sense of layering of the space.
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