How to Remove Sheet Laminate Flooring

The best way to remove sheet laminate flooring is to use the right tools and follow a few easy tips. You can use a heat gun, scraper, or five-in-one tool. If your flooring is self-sticking, you will need a heat gun. The scraper must be heavy and sharp so that it can cut through the old flooring.

Glue-down vs. free floating

One of the main differences between glued-down and free-floating sheet laminate flooring is the way the planks are attached to the subfloor. Gluedown installations are anchored to the concrete subfloor by a strong adhesive, and this keeps the flooring from sagging or lifting. Free-floating installations don’t attach to the underlayment, so they don’t have this feature, but they are still durable. However, they are not the best option for areas where you need to roll furniture or carts across the floor.

Glue-down sheet laminate flooring is more comfortable to walk on than free-floating sheet laminate flooring. However, it does take more time and effort to install and requires a separate underlayment. If you are planning to lay laminated hardwood flooring in a large room, gluing down is probably the way to go.


Scraping sheet laminate flooring requires a certain amount of effort, especially if the flooring has a pattern. First, make sure that you carefully cut the scrap of flooring so that it matches the pattern of the existing flooring. Then, use duct tape or wide masking tape to hold the scrap in place. A metal straightedge is handy for cutting through scrap and flooring material.

Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to loosen stubborn pieces of vinyl flooring. The heat gun needs to be set at a low enough heat setting and you should gently wave the tool around the junction of the underlayment and the flooring. This way, you will loosen both the top and the bottom side of the flooring.

Heat gun

A heat gun is a powerful tool that can be used to remove sheet laminate flooring. It looks similar to a hairdryer, but reaches much higher temperatures. The heat from the gun will soften plastic laminate and the adhesive that connects it to furniture. However, it must be used with care. It can damage the wood underneath if it is held too close to it. You should also avoid using the heat gun directly on skin surfaces. Always aim the heat gun toward the laminate.

Before using the heat gun to remove sheet laminate flooring, make sure you have a scraper handy. This scraper will help loosen the adhesive and remove it from the subfloor. After this, you can use a shop vacuum to clean up any loose adhesive. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Using a five-in-one tool

Using a five-in-one sheet laminate flooring removal tool can make the job easier. This tool is designed to lift the top portion of the vinyl flooring by prying up on the paper backing underneath. This tool also helps you remove any excess materials that may be left behind.

Before using the tool, mark the area with a pencil. This will allow you to get a better idea of where to cut the material. If the laminate is glued, use PVA Type II glue. If it is not, the glue can warp the boards.

Using a five-in-one flooring removal tool can also be effective when dealing with glued-down vinyl flooring. The tool can help you separate the sheet vinyl from the underlayment with just a few jabs. However, the pry bar only works well when the vinyl is very lightly glued down.


There are several ways to dispose of your old sheet laminate flooring, but the process is not always easy. For instance, it is difficult to separate the layers of this type of flooring during the recycling process. These layers consist of a layer of aluminum oxide, a design layer containing melamine resin, and a layer of melamine-resin backing.

Fortunately, most laminate flooring manufacturers are environmentally conscious. Some of these companies use recycled packaging and modern manufacturing methods to minimize waste.

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