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5 Benefits of Using Edge Banding in Plywood

Edge banding is a popular finish for plywood. Its application is easy and it protects the inner layers from moisture. It also provides a refined look to this inexpensive material. Whether you’re restoring an old home or building a new one, edge banding will make the difference. Easy to apply This article will show you […]

What is Edgebanding?

Edgebanding is a process that involves applying a narrow strip of material around the edges of a piece of trim. This process provides aesthetically pleasing and durable trim edges. It is often used on trim made of drywall or wood. However, the process can be expensive. For this reason, some people choose not to use […]

How to Remove Edge Banding

There are a number of ways to remove edge banding adhesive. The techniques vary depending on the type of adhesive. Some adhesives are particularly hard-wearing and may require a powerful solution to remove. You should always use a product that is designed for the type of glue you are removing. Using a double-sided edge trimmer […]