Maximizing the Durability and Aesthetics of Door Frame Foiling With These Finishing Techniques

Regardless of what style of door you have, there are a number of finish-related steps you can take to maximize the durability and aesthetics of your door frame foiling project. From trim molding to coatings, soffits and more, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right techniques to ensure that your finished door frame will look fantastic and last for years to come.


In the commercial door industry, there are different coatings to choose from. The quality of the coatings can be judged on three main criteria: durability, appearance and protection against harsh environments. For example, when evaluating the durability of a coating, one can measure its ability to resist abrasion, UV rays, and water. If the paint can withstand these conditions for years, then the quality of the coating is good. On the other hand, if the paint fades, the quality is poor.

A polyurethane coating is a good choice for enhancing the durability of the product. It can also provide a high gloss finish that can improve its aesthetics. These coatings have a variety of advantages, including the fact that they are quick drying and they use fewer ingredients. Additionally, they can resist abrasion and scratching.

Another type of coating used in the commercial door industry is galvanized steel. This type of coating has a zinc coating that is usually referred to as “G.” Galvanized steel is excellent for applications where paint will be applied. When the top coat is removed, the galvanized layer tends to peel away from the surface of the steel, which provides superior adhesion for the paint. However, this top coat may peel off after a short period of time.

Other types of coatings are epoxy and powder coatings. Epoxy is a two-part system that can be applied over a zinc primer to offer maximum corrosion protection. Often, epoxy coatings are accompanied by a polyurethane topcoat to provide additional weather resistance. Using a two-part system can be more economical than using a liquid paint. Depending on the application, the polyurethane topcoat can have better durability, a higher gloss, and more aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the right coatings for your commercial doors will give you a high-quality finished product that is both durable and aesthetically appealing. You can ensure that your doors will be able to withstand the elements for years to come. Whether you are a manufacturer or an individual, you can learn more about the various options available by visiting a paint or coating specialist.


In the world of door framing, there are a lot of products out there, but when it comes to the best ones, you will want to focus on a few key elements to ensure you end up with a finished product that is both functional and aesthetic. Fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to achieve this goal. These include using the best materials, installing it correctly and utilizing a quality finish to protect your wood from moisture and other nasties. By following these tips, you should end up with a door that lasts a lifetime.

The best way to tell whether you’ve made a good choice is to measure your door’s framing. Look for a company that provides a detailed set of instructions to make the job easy. This will allow you to avoid a frustrating experience later down the line.

Another good reason to get your hands on a high-quality finish is to avoid damage from on-site exposure to chemicals and water. Having a good finish on your door is like having an armored car, protecting your prized possession from the worst elements Mother Nature has to offer. A quality finish also offers a softer, more matte sheen.

Trim molding

Finishing your door frame is important because it protects the wood from exposure to harsh chemicals. Having a finish on your door frame is also a good way to protect the wood from handling damage. A finish can be applied in the field, but it is usually better to have the job done by the factory. This means that you will get consistent results and fewer VOC emissions.

The best finishes will also protect the wood from moisture. If you want to make sure your door stays dry and looking like new for a long time, consider getting a coat of underbody coating. It provides chipping protection and helps prevent corrosion. Also, consider getting a sealer with UV protection. For a better look, you can apply a topcoat with a suede finish. These are intentionally designed to give the wood a lower gloss.

Another trick to making your door stand out from the rest is to use a veneer. Veneers are thin pieces of wood, usually manufactured from expensive material. They are often placed on the same type of wood as the substrate. Using a veneer will allow you to get a rich, extravagant look without breaking the bank. However, keep in mind that veneers are typically made to fit a specific size, so where you place the cuts will affect the overall appearance of your door.

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