How to Trim PVC Edge Banding

If you want to trim PVC edge banding, there are a few tips you can use to get the job done. These include using a hot-melt adhesive or chisel, and choosing the right trimmer. These tips can be useful for a variety of projects.

Using a chisel

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient way to trim PVC edge banding, you can use a chisel to cut the edges flush. However, be careful! Chisels can be very sharp! So, be sure to wear protective clothing and gloves while you’re working.

First, set the chisel against the edge of the PVC panel. This should allow you to get the edge banding flush. Avoid pushing the edge banding outward, as this will clog the blade. Also, make sure you get rid of any excess glue on the blade before you start sanding.

Next, place a block of wood or MDF over the edge banding. You should cut the edge banding about an inch longer than the edge of the board. If you don’t have a chisel, you can also use scissors. Afterward, fold the edge banding so that it snaps easily. After that, press it back onto the board.

You can also use polyurethane or ethylene vinyl acetate glue for edge banding. Both of these glues have their pros and cons. The former is the cheapest option, while the latter has a short curing time. It’s also easy to apply and offers standard heat and water resistance.

Choosing a pvc edge banding trimmer

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a pvc edge banding trimmer. The first is price. While some people are lucky enough to have unlimited funds, most people have a fixed budget and must meet all their needs within their salary. Hence, it is imperative to consider your budget and compare price tags before making your purchase.

Next, consider the grain. Generally, edge banding has a slightly straight grain, but is not always perfect. If you attempt to cut it in any direction other than this, it will tear out. Therefore, you should make sure the trimmer is designed to cut edges accurately.

PVC edgebanding is available in various colors. To select the right color for your project, you can use an online PVC color match look up. This will help you find the exact color and size that you need. The color matching look up also includes hundreds of edgebanding brands and over 1800 different colors.

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