Melamine edging is applied on a variety of surfaces, including wood, particle board, and hardboard. You can use a chisel or a hot air edgebander to apply it. Make sure to wear protective gloves when working around hot objects. You can also use melamine edging.

Glue pot

When it comes to applying melamine edging, the temperature is a crucial factor. If the glue is too hot, the edges will not adhere properly and the edging will become loose and not look like it should. Using an infrared thermometer and an glue application roller can help ensure the right temperature for the edging.

Hot air edgebander

A hot air edgebander is one of the newest additions to the edging industry. Its fast heat-up time makes it ideal for small jobs. It can apply material up to 2 inches wide. It also features a palm-strike cutoff knife. The unit has a 27″ x 7 1/2″ work surface, an adjustable temperature control, and a double-insulated construction.

The hot air edgebanding system is a time-saving tool designed for the home and small business owner who wants to produce high-quality edges quickly and easily. This machine has an advanced double-insulated heat gun and can support banding up to 2-1/4 inches wide.

This type of edge banding covers the exposed edges of melamine sheet goods. It’s fast and easy to apply, and the quality is superior. You can even trim the edge banding to match the shape of your furniture. It’s compatible with most types of furniture, including melamine and wood.


Applying melamine edging requires a chisel that is a minimum of one inch wide. Lay the chisel flat on the board and twist it slightly so that it is pointing into the board as you cut. The twisting action is important to keep the edging from peeling off during the cutting process. If you find that trimming a board with a chisel is too difficult, you can also use a special razor cutter that will allow you to cut both sides at once. These cutters can be found at any store that sells melamine tape.

Before applying melamine edging to a wood surface, it is important to warm the wood surface. This will help activate the adhesive. A household clothes iron works well to heat the edge banding. You will also need a smooth block of wood and a sharp chisel.

Nitrile gloves

While applying melamine edging, it is important to wear nitrile gloves. They protect your hands from slipping and also help you grip the slippery material better. This is especially important for cutting because melamine chips easily and scratches the surface of the table saw.

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